Sunday, February 14, 2010


The second time teaching I feel that it went a lot better. This time I was more confident and used my teaching techniques. I know when I am at camp or I am coaching all these techniques come natural but once I am put on the spot and in front of a camera they fly right out the window. I just have to get used to the camera and being put on the spot. But its nothing I can't handle.I do feel that all these teaching tools are helping but sometimes they are a bit overwhelming. I know we are still new to this but there are so many things we have to remember. It just means more study time for 255 :).

Time Coding

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  1. The more practice you get teaching, the more comfortable you will be and you can see the improvement already from your first lesson to your second lesson. You had good control of the class with your signal of attention. You need to elaborate more in your reflection by talking about what you did well and what you need to improve on. Write about the pedagogy you have been learning in class that comes from the C-9 form. You also need a feedback analysis form and your time coding calculations need to be recalculated. They should be converted to 10 second intervals and try to include these documents in the middle of your reflection. See jenna's blog post for an example.

    Great improvements already!