Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First day of lab jitters

When we came in to St. Mary's we had no clue what to think. There were so many questions like would the kids like us, where are all the toys and equipment?? Once we got started with the kids and the games the jitters went away. The kids are full of enery and the willingness to play. As we went through the lab the more fun we were having. I was kind of upset when the lab was over because I was having so much fun playing with the kids. THe one thing i learned from this lab was to always be pre paired with games and activities, because the children just want to play and play and not have any stopping in the middle.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Its a Merry time for lab

MERRY CHRISTMAS, if you couldn't guess but this lab was Christmas theme. My groups task for the day was to clean and organize the closets. Even tho this task sounds boring it was actually very fun. We organized and cleaned for almost two hours but all the while there was laughing and smiling. After we had cleaned up the closets and made them beautiful it was time to take pictures of what we had done. After the pictures it was time for our group to do our song. The only problem was no one in our group owned an Ipod, but instead we did an interactive chant. The chant involved Santa, Mrs. Clause and Rudolph. The song was an old camp song that i remixed to make christmas themed. The kids seemed to enjoy the shouting and movements. So over all the day was fun and full of laughfter.

Turkey day was full of stuffing

This lab was thanksgiving themed, my group was finally able to work in the gym we played basket ball dribbling game. It was a game that involved keeping focus while not looking at the basketball. The children had to look each other in the eye and try to make each other laugh while trying to keep the basket ball under control. It was really fun making the kids laugh by making silly faces and doing silly dances. One of the girls i was playing with she would not laugh or smile no matter what i did. She was very good at muck. Afterthat game we played another game that involved kicking a bouncey ball into a turkey that we put up on the wall. It got the kids to try an kick the ball off the groung, it took them a few try's but after a while they got it. I can't wait for the next lab!! :)