Sunday, October 11, 2009

Superduper day at St. Mary's

This lab was really fun, the children that we worked with are full of energy from when we got there till we left they were bouncing off the walls. It was really cool to see how some of the kids are totally emersed in the games while others could care less. Sometimes we had to go over and talk to the kids who didn't want to play one on one. But after a little talk they were ready to play. Its was a really fun lab and i can't wait to go back and do the next one. The theme for this lab was superheros, everyone was dress in there super hero outfits. There was bat man, super man and even bird women. The kids get more energy if they see the college students in crazy outfits they get ampted up for wht ever activity that we are doing. The kids are always excited and ready to go, also the kids like to talk, if you ask them one question you will get a story. It sute how open they are, you learn a lot if you just listen to them. I can;t wait to get back there it is so much fun.

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  1. Dressing the part in any lab will make your lessons that much easier. Making the kids comfortable and make sure that your having fun will make them want to jump right in. It is good to see how well you are interacting with the children and making your experiences significant.