Monday, October 26, 2009

Cleaning up dirty back yard

The game dirty back yard is the game in which children are divided into two groups. They are given a portion of the gym which contains various amounts of foam pieces, and soft objects. They must then try and throw there pieces to the other side while the other team oes the same thing. There are a few ways that you can change this game to make it more team and skill oriented. You can start by saything that every object that is blue has to be thrown to 3 other team mates before it can be thrown over the net. Another variation is everything that is a circle has to be thrown in a certain way. Like the potty shot, backwards, thrown like a baseball, or even thrown between the legs. As for the counting don't have the students count up how many objects they have, you as the teacher should because then you can say that it is a tie so noe of the children feel as they lost, and you can do the activity again. With a few changes this dirty back yard is now clean.

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  1. Nice post Amanda,
    Sometimes your area is cut in half and that is one of the four constraints you will find in your Physical education class you teach. You did a great game with the space that was available. Even I got into the game and began to intereact with the game and thought it was a blast. Good work keep up the effort.