Thursday, December 3, 2009

Its a Merry time for lab

MERRY CHRISTMAS, if you couldn't guess but this lab was Christmas theme. My groups task for the day was to clean and organize the closets. Even tho this task sounds boring it was actually very fun. We organized and cleaned for almost two hours but all the while there was laughing and smiling. After we had cleaned up the closets and made them beautiful it was time to take pictures of what we had done. After the pictures it was time for our group to do our song. The only problem was no one in our group owned an Ipod, but instead we did an interactive chant. The chant involved Santa, Mrs. Clause and Rudolph. The song was an old camp song that i remixed to make christmas themed. The kids seemed to enjoy the shouting and movements. So over all the day was fun and full of laughfter.

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