Thursday, December 3, 2009

Turkey day was full of stuffing

This lab was thanksgiving themed, my group was finally able to work in the gym we played basket ball dribbling game. It was a game that involved keeping focus while not looking at the basketball. The children had to look each other in the eye and try to make each other laugh while trying to keep the basket ball under control. It was really fun making the kids laugh by making silly faces and doing silly dances. One of the girls i was playing with she would not laugh or smile no matter what i did. She was very good at muck. Afterthat game we played another game that involved kicking a bouncey ball into a turkey that we put up on the wall. It got the kids to try an kick the ball off the groung, it took them a few try's but after a while they got it. I can't wait for the next lab!! :)

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