Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Being a leader in the Community

For 255 we were told that we had to do 10 hours of leadership experience. It was a great opportunity to get into the community and show them how excited I am to be a teacher. My first 5 hours was being the captain of my all night volleyball team. This took a lot of efforts and phone calls to get together. I first had to assemble my team i asked many many people and finally I got a team of 3 guys and 4 girls. Next I had to make sure that everyone had a team shirt, and if they didn't I made them one so they would feel included. Next I got the team together before the event to go over strategy's. Once the competition started i had to make sure our team was at our games on time so we could start. When we were playing i was constantly cheering them on and saying how well we were doing. It turned out that we won 3 out of 5 games. It as a great night, there was a lot of laughs. My next 5 hours came from ABCD Day, I was able to work with children with disabilities, this was a very exciting day because i want to work with students with disabilities after college. It was a lot of fun all of the children were happy and excited to be there. After the ABCD Day i knew i wanted to be an adaptive teacher those children need all the help they can get and i willing to devote my life to there to help them live a little easier. These 10 hours at first seems like forever. But doing something that I enjoy doing made the 10 hours fly by. I am on my way to becoming a teacher and I can't wait.

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