Monday, May 10, 2010

Show your self off

Today I went to the portfolio showcase. It was really cool to see how everyone did there portfolio, some where done very clean cut and boring. While others had bright colors and cool cut out which really brought out there personality. The one girl I talked to was very nice, while iI was looking through her portfolio I realized we had taken some of the same classes, so this gave me ideas for my own portfolio. It was also refreshing to hear there stories of how hard it was but they made it through. A lot of the people there kept saying save everything, everything and anything can go into your book. Everyone there was very personable and excited to show off what they had accomplished. I'm glad I went and saw what I need to strive to be. I have some work a head of me. But sooner or later I will be on the other end of the table showing off what I got.

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