Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Letter to the super

Dear Dr. Superintendent

I am writing to you today for many reasons, as you know our students need more physical and mental stimulation while in there physical education class. I feel I can accomplish this goal by adding in a step aerobic unit. Step aerobics has many positive benefits, such as, social interaction, increased heart rate, increased flexibility and stamina. Also while performing step aerobics students can burn up to 300-500 calories in just one class. Also while doing the step aerobic routine the students have to think what foot goes on the board and what moves come next. This constant cognitive stimulation will help the students react faster. Step aerobics has been around since the 1990’s it is a minimal impact activity that increases the heart rate. There are many opportunities for students to partake in this activity such as using the Wii, taking classes or purchasing DVD’s. All these item’s cost money, so the students are un interested, I feel if we offer step aerobics during class students will understand the importance of this activity.
There is minimal cost in this step aerobic unit. What would be needed to purchase is step boards, these step boards range anywhere from $9.00 to $46.00. There is no need for the school to create a special room for this activity either. The students can set the step boards up before class and put them away after class. There is no need for videos or DVD players because I am a trained step aerobic instructor. I have created routines and activities for about 3 years now. All we need are step boards and a boom box. This activity is very feasible, not only does it help the students with there physical endurance but it helps them socially and mentally.
Not only can we offer this activity during school, we can use the step boards and run after school work out programs for students that are interested. Also we can run programs that faculty and community members can pay and sign up for. This way we can get a little bit of money back to pay off the step boards. Not only are we creating healthy students but we can create a healthy community. This is an inexpensive and creative way to give back to the school.

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