Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Spooky good time

This lab was Halloween themed, we were stared out in the cafeteria. We were hanging out with the older students, I sat down with them and started making paper bubble notes. A few of the students started to ask how it was made and what they were used for. So i taught a few of the kids how to make them. The most exciting part was watching them take this plain piece of paper and turn it into something of there own. A few made peace signs, while others colored in the whole paper. One of the girls got the concept of folding it and started to teach the other students. A few of the other kids started to teach me how to make a paper boat, but we ran out of time and had to go into the gym. Once we were in the gym i got a group of boys to start playing taps. Taps is a basket ball game that involves, jumping throwing and catching. The game was going smoothly until a few of the boys decided to try and play taps across the gym. One of the boys tried to teach me to dribble the basketball between my legs while i walked. That didn't work out so well, and also he tried to teach me to spin the ball on my finger. I almost made that work but after a while we decided to go play some knock out.While we were playing I noticed that one of the girls was very talented and got most of the college kids out. Our ending song was thiller, all the kids had a blast pretending to zombies. While making there zombie nosies and moving like zombies would. Over all it was a spooktastic time.

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  1. This was the lab you truely shined with the students. I remember walking downstairs and seeing a group around you. You grabed their attention with something that interested them and through this i hope you see easy it can be to teach. Yes, sometimes kids can get crazy , but if you hooked them in like you did here you will always have your class wanting more.