Friday, November 13, 2009

The circus rolls into town

This week in lab it was circus themed, it was funy to see the other groups dressed up as clowns. This week we were with the pre schoolers. They make me laugh, if you are wearing anything out of the ordinary they want to touch it and try putting it on them selves. A few of the girls took my bandana and tried it on, then they tried to put it back on my head, it didn;t work out so well but it was still fun. The children kept asking us to play different games with them. I went from play doh to mr. potato head, to playing with cars. Pre schoolers i feel will never run out of energy. The zipped from one end of the room to the other with no problem. After snack and a story we headed into the gym to play a game. We played dirty back yard, at first we just played to regual game, then we changed the rules to every time you throw you had to make an animal sound. Some of the children threw better while making the sounds, it gave them an extra boost. Dirty back yard probably was not the best game to play to view throwing and catching. But the children had fun and so did I. Out ending somg was the chiken dance, the music wasn't working so we had to sing it and dance it. It was a blast trying to sing the chiken dance.

The next morning it was my turn to go to St. Mary's before school porgram. A few of the pre schoolers remebered me from the day before and were very excited to see me. The day started out with the children practicing writing there names. The teacher had writen there name out in bold print and then in doted lines then stuck the paper in a pastic sheet. This way the children could take markers and trace there name. I helped a few of the children write there name, and gave them hints on how to write other letters. For example one of the boys asked me "how do you write the letter F" So i told him "Make a line straight up and down, then at the tippy top make a line come straight out, then in the middle make another line." Then he made the letter F. It felt good helping them with there letters. Afer they were done with there name they went to another station in which they had to do thier numbers. After there numbers they could either practice there colors or shapes. Once they were all done they were able to play with the cars or play doh. St. Marys has a great program and the teachers really do care about the students which makes me want to become a teacher even more.


  1. Hey Amanda,
    Nice work with the students and engaging them at their level.

  2. Amanda,
    It was good how you allowed the kids to play yet still maintained control over the group.